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After School-Online Classes (Please call for the details)

     ◆ K-G612:00-6:30pmMonday – Friday 招收K-六年级学生
     ◆ Homework help  辅导学校作业
     ◆ Every day Chinese  每天中文课
     ◆ Free math classes for PK,K,G1 studends
     ◆ Increase students reading, math and writing skills 每天英数练习
     ◆ Caring, Warm and academic atmosphere 关怀、温暖和学术氛围
     ◆ Colorful Chinese books, a variety of Chinese culture and art books
     ◆ Cheerful bright classrooms and Big Outside Space 

Weekend School-Online Classes  (Please call for the details)  













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