SAT II Chinese Preparation Class

  This program has been offered at our school since 1996. There are 3 classes per week with a total of 6 hours. Now we are using the newly published SAT II Chinese Mock Test Book, which contains six complete sets of tests with two CDs. It was proved to be one of the best SAT II Chinese books in the market.

  Many students have got full score in the test after having studied the book.

  There is a new class every month: Please call to arrange class dates.

  Summer classes: Please call to arrange class dates.

  In October, there will be two SAT II classes with simulation tests in preparation for the actual test in September. These tests will be for grades 9-12.

  Classes are small, with 4-6 people in each class. Testing materials are available in both Simplified Chinese/Pin-Yin and Traditional Chinese/Zhu-Yin. There are also additional reading materials to further enhance the students reading capability. The class is taught experienced senior teachers.

  The SAT II Chinese with Listening test measures your ability to understand spoken (Mandarin) and written Chinese. The test contains 85 multiple-choice questions (a 20-minute listening section and a 40-minute reading section). It is designed for high-school students that have learned Chinese for 2-4 years. Theoretically, it should be simple to those who have a Chinese background and are fluent in Chinese.

  If you want to order SAT II Chinese Test Book, please go to our Online Book Store

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