New Concept Chinese School was founded towards the end of 1993 by a group of parents wanting to form a Chinese study session for their children. In 1995, New Concept became the first simplified Chinese school in the San Francisco Bay Area registered in state government. It was created by new immigrants from mainland China and is a school that adopts Pin-Yin and simplified Chinese to serve the community. After ten years of hard work, New Concept has become a renowned and state-licensed professional Chinese education institute providing the following programs: Bilingual Pre-school, After-school, Weekend school, and Summer school

      New Concept Chinese School publishes and teaches from custom made textbooks, titled New Concept Chinese. These books are the final products resulting from more than ten years of overseas Chinese teaching experience. There are in total 24 books from beginning to advanced levels. There are 7 levels (the 8th is under construction), 3 books per level per year (for weekend schools), each book containing 10 sections. In summer school and after-school, there will be 2 sections taught per week. Each section of the textbook will take two hours to teach and educates in both simplified and traditional Chinese.

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