Golden Monkey Art Performing Gala
2004 Chinese New Year Celebration

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  Hosted by the Chinese School Association in the U.S. and the Youth Culture & Education Exchange Center of USA, Golden Monkey Art Performing Gala, 2004, is to be held on Feb. 15 at Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University in California to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of Monkey. Among the invited to perform are those who acted the leading roles in "Journey to the West" (xiyouji), the most popular TV series in China. 

"Journey to the West" is one of the renowned classical Chinese novels dated back some four hundred year ago. Mingled with Chinese fables, fairy tales, legends, popular beliefs and whatever the author could find in the Taoist and Buddhist religions, the story is based on an actual journey undertaken by a famous monk, Xuan Zang (Monk Tang) in the 7th century to India to collect Buddhist scriptures. This lively fantasy relates the amazing adventures of Monk Xuan Zang on his journey with his three disciples, the capable and irreverent Monkey, charmingly naïve and greedy Pig, and loyal and hardworking Sand. They overcame 81 calamities and confrontations in the form of supernatural phenomena and monsters before reaching their goal. Although the hero would seem to be Xuan Zang, it is Monkey's sarcasm, humor, wit and exuberance together with the dynamism of the many other characters that have fascinated generations in China and other parts of world. Born out of a rock and fertilized by the grace of Heaven, Monkey learned all the magic tricks and gongfu from a master Taoist. He can transform himself into seventy-two different images and travel 180,000 miles a single somersault using clouds as a vehicle. 

  With "Journey to the West" as the theme, the program consists of all kind of performances. There are skits and comedies by Monkey King and other famous monks, operas, dances, and solo by Xiaotao Chen, one of the most popular vocalist in China, who will fly to Chicago right after singing at the Chinese New Year's Celebration on CCTV in Beijing. 

  Serving as choreographer-director and the art advisor are Mr. Qing Ye and Ms. Jie Yang, respectively. To perfect the programs, Mr. Ye and Ms. Yang have carefully designed programs. In addition to the polished professional performance, the audience will see the uniqueness, liveliness, and humor throughout the performance, such as the same four monks in "Journey to the West" living in today's culture and society singing love songs, dating, …; the little monkeys from the Xilin family welcoming the return of Monkey King to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit…; the Chinese folk music and western music; the traditional and royal costumes; background; light; …etc.. 

  We believe Golden Monkey Art Performing Gala will bring enjoyment and satisfaction to the audience. 

Jie Yang, director of TV series "Journey to the West"

Invited by Ms. Linda Yang, executive director of Xilin Asian Community Center, Ms. Jie Yang came to USA to help prepare the 2004 Chinese New Year Celebration Gala. Being one of the most accomplished and well-known artists and TV directors in China, Ms. Jie Yang has involved in many different kind of forms of art programs and directed over 200 TV series. The most popular among them is "Journey to the West", which won her many gold medals and awards in the national competitions and topped TV ratings over years. 

  To bring to the American audience the popular images and culture of "Journey to the West", she selected five distinguished actors from China, wrote some new skits, and designed unique programs herself for this event. It is highly expected the party will be a huge success.

Jian Ding, Monkey in "Journey to the West"

  Mr. Jian Ding played "false Wukong" (Monkey) in the TV series. He is also a famous young Monkey actor at Peking Opera Troupe of China. With all his expertise and talents, he successfully created a Monkey image – wit, courageous, sarcastic, humorous, playful, immortal, and mischievous – all in one. He toured and performed in many countries including America, France, Germany, Japan, and has been very well received wherever he performed.

Jingfu Cui, Pig in "Journey to the West"

  Graduated with an outstanding status from the Performing Art Department, Drama Institute of China, Mr. Cui is recognized as a distinguished actor in Guangzhou Modern Drama Troupe. He has played leading roles in over 30 TV series in China. His humor and detailed performance won him many titles in the past few years.

Yang Zhang, Monk Xuan Zang in "Journey to the West"

  Mr. Zhang is an actor at Jinan Song and Dance Troupe, Shandong, China, and a well-known popular song singer in Shandong province. He also had a solid record performing Peking opera. With his beautiful voice and image, he was widely recognized and admired in China.

Juming Han, Friar Sand in "Journey to the West"

  Mr. Han is a famous actor in Peking Opera Troupe of Beijing. He has created dozens of images in many grand and influential operas. He was also very well-liked in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan, etc. when he performed in these countries.

Xiaotao Chen, vocalist

  Mr. Chen is also a many-time gold medal winner at various national vocal competitions. He also played leading roles in some operas and music dramas. With his unique voice and style in addition to his performing talents, he has become one of the most popular singers and rising star in China. Mr. Chen will bring to us "Bian Lian" (changing face), the song he will sing at the Chinese New Year's Celebration on CCTV in Beijing. 

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